Artist’s Statement

My paintings are an expression of my memories, mixed in with a little imagination, and experiments with color and texture.

Color and texture have my greatest focus and attention. Experimenting with these allows me the freedom to express myself as I have never done before!

I have been fortunate to have traveled and lived in so many wonderful places  – from the Midwest, West Coast, East Coast, and the South. As my daughter used to say – “My dad the Nomad – I have always had this wanderlust driving me to travel, explore, and experience the people, different cultures, and unique landscapes.

As I continue to grow I discover the artist in everyone. Each and everyone of us creates art in so many different forms. Sharing my art with others and experiencing others as they create theirs is what drives me to continue to paint.

One of my favorite authors, Rebecca Solnit, wrote in The Faraway Nearby

” At it’s best, visual art is the philosophy by other means and poetry without words. Visual art asks the grandest questions, about the most essential ingredients of existence: about time, space, perception, value, creation, identity, beauty. It makes mute objects speak, and it renews the elements of the world through the unexpected, or it situates the everyday in a way that asks us to wake up and notice.”

I hope that you enjoy my art and it asks you to wake up and notice, and CREATE!

Thank you,


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